Sunday Round-Up (April 12)

IMG_2458The past week was a fairly decent week The highlight was probably turning 49 on Friday, although I’m not that sure what to think about being one year short of 50! The above picture shows the great gifts I received from my family. They know what I like and always come up with some great stuff. I’m looking forward to reading the book soon. It’s a sequel to one I received for Christmas that I really enjoyed.

This was also the week that the snow finally started to disappear. There are still some patches here and there, and our backyard still has quite the covering, but it is all slowly disappearing. The great thing about the slow thaw is that we haven’t had any flooding issues in our basement yet this year. Some years it just can’t handle the thaw, especially when there is heavy rain on top of the melting, but so far so good this year. Also with the snow disappearing, we’ve been able to get out for a decent walk most days this week.

I managed to get back to more reading this week. I finished a couple of books I started during Lent (The Little Book of Lent: Daily Reflections from the World’s Greatest Spiritual Writers and The Last Eyewitness: The Final Week). I also finished off Orsbornagain by Rob Birks. It was a great little book of daily readings based around the songs of General Albert Orsborn. It’s worth checking out, as is Rob’s latest book Someone Cared, which focuses on the poetry of General John Gowans. Rob is an SA officer in Western USA. A few years ago he introduced me to the music of Over the Rhine, whom we saw in concert in Winnipeg when we were both doing courses at Booth UC.

I spent part of Tuesday sorting through my books to see if there were any that I should get rid of. I surprised myself (and Pamela, too, I think) by coming up with just over 60 books. We’ll take them to Bearly Used Books in Parry Sound next week as we have to go south for a few days. The good thing about taking books there is that they give you store credit for them, so I’ll hopefully be able to get a few different ones to take home.

With the end of Lent last weekend I was able to get back to drinking coffee again. I’m not going to overindulge, though, and am restricting myself to three cups a day at the very most. The only thing I didn’t manage to get done for Lent that I’d hoped to was coming up with a set of meditations for The Stations of the Cross. Hopefully I’ll get that done sometime before next year.

All in all it was a fairly productive week. This coming week will be a shorter week as we head off to London on Friday for a few days. With the nice change in the weather it should be a pleasant journey. I’m looking forward to the time away and also being able to spend time with some friends. It should be a nice change anyway.

Before I close off here I have to share the following picture that Pamela e-mailed to me. I think it probably is quite accurate:

happy hour minions


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