Lent 2015 – Day 18

For the second day in a row the temperature crept above 0C. There’s still lots of snow around, but the sun has been slowly melting it and it seems that Spring may be finally around the corner. With this positive change in weather I was actually able to get out for a decent walk today. I spent a good part of the walk listening to a podcast interview with Philip Yancey, talking about his latest book, Vanishing Grace: Whatever Happened to the Good News? I haven’t read this book yet, but it is on my TBR list.

In the interview he also referenced his other book concerning grace, What’s So Amazing About Grace?, which is one of my favourite reads. It’s probably due a reread soon and maybe I’ll do that before I read the new one. It’s a challenging book that always reminds me that I still have much to work on in my own life. There are a lot of good stories and quotes in the book, the following being just a small sample:

“Having spent time around “sinners” and also around purported saints, I have a hunch why Jesus spent so much time with the former group: I think he preferred their company. Because the sinners were honest about themselves and had no pretense, Jesus could deal with them. In contrast, the saints put on airs, judged him, and sought to catch him in a moral trap. In the end it was the saints, not the sinners, who arrested Jesus.”

“I would far rather convey grace than explain it.”

“C. S. Lewis observed that almost all crimes of Christian history have come about when religion is confused with politics. Politics, which always runs by the rules of ungrace, allures us to trade away grace for power, a temptation the church has often been unable to resist.”

“By striving to prove how much they deserve God’s love, legalists miss the whole point of the gospel, that it is a gift from God to people who don’t deserve it. The solution to sin is not to impose an ever-stricter code of behavior. It is to know God.”

“Grace teaches us that God loves because of who God is, not because of who we are.”

There are many more I could have shared, but if you haven’t read the book before it really is worth picking up. I look forward to reading it again, as well as the new book. I also look forward to getting out for more walks and enjoying the warmer weather, along with catching up on a few more podcasts.

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