Booking Through Thursday – For a Friend (Oct 23)

btt2This week Booking Through Thursday poses the following questions:

If someone you know has just published a book—do you feel obliged to buy a copy? Even if it’s not the kind of book you’d normally read?

I have had a few friends and acquaintances who have had their books published. Knowing the love, sweat, and tears that they have put into their work, I usually try to support them by buying a copy of their book. If I really enjoy it I will let them know and will also tell as many people that I know that it is worth buying. There have been a few that have been the kind of book I would not normally read, but I have seen them as the opportunity to try something different, which is not always a bad thing.

I think it’s good to encourage people I know in this way, because every great writer had to start somewhere. I usually get them to sign their book as well, because if they become famous I’ll have a signed first edition 🙂


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