Back again…

For a number of reasons, it has been almost two months since I posted something here. There has been a combination of things that have kept me from this, including, but not limited to, the fact that we recently spent almost a month out of the country. Also, I just didn’t seem to have the appetite or desire to sit down and put something together.

For part of July and August we were on an extended trip to Scotland and England, visiting family and friends, during which time I had the privilege and joy of performing the wedding ceremony for my niece/God-daughter, Ola (then Smith, now Thompson). The time away was much needed, although it has been hard getting fully back into the swing of things since our return. Most of my regular work was sitting waiting on my desk when I got back just over two weeks ago, but I think that I have taken care of most of it now and am getting slowly back to normal again, whatever that is!

At some point I’d like to share some thoughts and moments from our trip and I also have a ton of pictures to upload to my Flickr account. Although, I didn’t update my one-photo-a-day blog – 365-2014 (wcs53) – regularly whilst I was away, I did update it with a photo from each day of our holiday when I got back. Although I’m managing to keep up with this, I have let my Project 52-2014 at Flickr slide a bit, but am hoping to get this caught up in the not too distant future.

I wasn’t able to read too much whilst on holiday, but have managed to get  few books read in the short time I have been back. I have a few reviews to write and will start working on those very soon. Both our children will be back in school next week, which should help me get back to a more regular blogging schedule, including some of the memes that I normally post.

I hope that everyone has been having a great summer and I look forward to sharing and connecting with many of you soon.


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