Lent 2014 – Day 40

Today is the last day of Lent for this year and I did not too badly with most of the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the period.

The easiest for me was the 12 hour daily fast and being more deliberate with my food intake. These are things that I hope will remain with me beyond tomorrow. I feel a lot better for avoiding junk food and not eating in the evenings has helped me to not gain weight. It is probably the worst time of the day to eat anyway.

Although I haven’t prayed the daily office in the way I had hoped to, my daily prayer life has improved, and I’ve managed to set a rhythm of daily prayer for myself that I find very helpful. I may blog more on this at a later date.

I read one of the Christian classics that I set for myself, which was Bonhoeffer’s Life Together. I didn’t get to Orthodoxy, but I will at a later date. I read some other books I found helpful instead, one in particular being The Illumined Heart by Frederica Mathewes-Green.

Although I think it was important to set some personal goals for Lent, I’m not too disappointed that I wasn’t able to follow through on them as completely as I’d hoped to. Life gets in the way sometimes, but often in a good way. I was able to accomplish much and to discover some things about myself along the way and I journey onward in a very positive light.


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