World Autism Awareness Day

april_is_autism_awareness_month_calendar_printEvery year since 2008 April 2 has been observed as World Autism Awareness Day. Indeed, April is now seen as Autism Awareness Month. Up until a few years ago, I have to admit that my awareness and knowledge of autism was fairly scant and quite limited. All that changed when our son was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. These days I would never claim to be an expert, but I have done as much as I can to educate myself, and others around me, so that I can be part of giving our son the best opportunities he can have.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there in regards to autism, as well as too many stereotypical ideas and perceptions. This is partly due to the way the media has characterised or portrayed those who live with autism. Thankfully, things have improved a little over the pat few years, due mainly to such things as Autism Awareness month, as well as a good number of advocacy groups that have been recently developed.

asd1The early days of our son’s autistic journey were the worst for us, as at that time he couldn’t communicate very well with us. About 8 years ago I wrote and shared on my previous blog the ASD haiku that I have placed at the right hand side of this paragraph. This haiku was born from a time of frustration, where we wanted to help, but didn’t know how or where to start.

There were a lot frustrating days, but over time, and with lots of help and patience, things got better. It really is encouraging to see how far he has come over the years and he has already achieved more than at one time we ever imagined he would. He still has his moments and although some of these can be connected to his autism, we also keep in mind that he will soon be a teenager!

If you want to know more about autism and how you can help spread the awareness, here are some great sites to start with:

One thought on “World Autism Awareness Day

  1. You should meet my friend Tyler, a fun-loving 8-year old boy living with autism who has an incredible gift. He loves windchimes and can identify the different Woodstock Chimes without seeing them – just based on their sound! We pitted him against Garry Kvistad, a Grammy award-winning musician and founder/owner of Woodstock Chimes in a Name-That-Chime Challenge. See how it turned out here #tylersstory #chimesforautism

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