Lent 2014 – Fourth Sunday

As we are now more than half way through Lent for this year, I thought I’d reflect on how the journey has gone for me so far. At the start of Lent I posted some of the goals I wanted to achieve this year. They were as follows:

  • Fast for 12 hours each day following my evening meal;
  • Be more deliberate in my food intake – although I am a vegetarian, I still eat too much junk-type food;
  • Regularly pray the daily office;
  • Share a daily thought on this blog – some days it may be brief, but I will at least endeavour to post something from my journey;
  • Read two Christian ‘classics’ from my bookshelf – I’m thinking that the two I will try to read are Life Together (Dietrich Bonhoeffer) and Orthodoxy (G.K. Chesterton), although this my change later.

The most successful, if that is the correct word to use, of these has been the 12 hour daily fast. This may be because I sleep for a god portion of the time, but, for me, the evening has always more than often been a snacking time for me. The lack of snacking in the evening has also helped me to be more deliberate with my food intake, which has helped with my second goal. Both of these goals have helped me feel better and have helped me lose some weight. although I’m not close to my ideal weight yet, I’m headed in the right direction.

My attempts at regularly praying the daily office have been more sporadic than I had hoped, but for the most part I have at least managed the prayers at dawn and dark. Even this has helped bring more of a rhythm to my daily life and I have made sure not to beat myself up when I have missed or skipped a prayer time.

As far as sharing a daily thought on this blog during Lent goes, I have mainly shared quotes from my reading or from authors I enjoy reading. Maybe in the next few weeks I’ll attempt to share more personal thoughts, but I’ll see how it goes.

Of the two Christian classics I listed, I have already read Life Together and I plan to read Orthodoxy in the next couple of weeks as well.

So it seems that my goals have helped me to move forward in my life and I hope that when Lent ends for this year I can continue with the things that have been most helpful to me.


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