Classics Club Spin #4 – Review (Jan 1)

In November I signed up for The Classics Spin #4. There’s always the chance that when you sign up for one of these spins you may end up with a book that you weren’t looking forward to. That happened to me with Spin #3, when I got Thomas More’s Utopia, which I didn’t enjoy as much as I had anticipated I would. This time, however, I got one that I figured I would find enjoyable, War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. I did enjoy it and here is my review, as posted on GoodReads:

The War of the WorldsThe War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The War of the Worlds surprised me. I thought I knew the story, but I didn’t really. I should say that it surprised me in a good way. I had heard both good and bad comments about the book, many of the latter being in regards to it being dated, but taken in its context of the late 19th century, I did not really find this to be so.

The story centres around a Martian invasion of earth and is the story is told through the eyes of an eyewitness to the events that take place following this invasion.

Wells paints a very detailed picture of the invading Martians and their technology. His ideas seemed to be well ahead of their time, considering that the book was first published in 1898 and it is a credit to his imagination that many of his ideas were used/adapted by other writes in the years that followed. Without giving any details away, if you are curious then I’d recommend that you read the book for yourself.

I haven’t seen the most recent movie adaptation of this story, so I have no idea how it stands up to the book, but I am curious to see it now. I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys science fiction, but at its heart it is not totally a science fiction story, so it should have appeal to others as well.

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One thought on “Classics Club Spin #4 – Review (Jan 1)

  1. Okay I really want to read this now! (I’m pretty sure I added it to my Classics Club list anyway.) I didn’t really know The War of the Worlds has to do with Martians, and since this book is written such a long time ago, it could be a very interesting read.

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