Over the past few days I’ve been thinking about how life seems to get so complicated, especially in things where it ought to be simpler. Many factors seem to come together in making this so. Such things as consumerism, multi-tasking, micro-managing, technological reliance, the inability to say no, as well as many other things, are factors that can lead to over-complicated lives. In our society it seems that we are encouraged to think that if we are not busy doing something then there must be something wrong with our lives. The need for busyness is a hard thing to break free from and can leave a person wishing for things to be much simpler.

Simplicity quoteI think we may have reached a point in our society where quality is taking a back-seat to quantity. We live in a disposable society where broken things are readily replaced rather than fixed. More often than not this is because it is cheaper to replace things than fix them. Maybe this should make us think about the quality of the things we buy. It should perhaps also make us think about where they were made and who made them. That’s a whole other discussion, but it is worth thinking about when there is so much that we take for granted.

I think that most people probably have a desire to live simpler, more healthy lives, but not many know how or where to start. Sometimes it is just a case of motivation. The inequalities present in the world ought to be enough of a motivation, but it’s easy to ignore that which you cannot really see.

In our house we have decided to change things gradually. Over the past few months we have been looking at some of the things we own and deciding what we really need. We have given away a lot of things to charity or friends/acquaintances, but probably still have a long way to go. We have also started to think about our eating habits. I know that we have too much pre-packaged food in our house and rely too much on processed food, especially of the frozen kind. Over the next little while we are going to try and replace such things in our diet with more healthy and fresh options. I think that the gradual change will be easier on all concerned. I watched Hungry For Change yesterday for the first time and it really got me thinking about what we really are putting in to our bodies. Thankfully there are lots of resources available to help us with our decision making.

Over the next few months I will try and post some updates on how we are doing and if we are managing to enjoy a simpler life or not. I may also have something to share in regards to spirituality and religion, which is also an area of life that tends to become far more complicated than it needs to be. I have some thoughts on that, but I need to chew them over a bit first before sharing them here.

If anybody has some ideas on simplicity or how it can be better achieved then I look forward to you sharing your thoughts here or in private.


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