Wondrous Words Wednesday (Sept 11)

wondrous2Wondrous words Wednesday is a weekly meme where you can share new words that you’ve encountered or spotlight words you love. It’s hosted at the BermudaOnion’s Weblog. so head over there to see how you can participate.

This is my second week of participating in  this meme. I enjoy finding new words when I read and always try to work out their meaning in their context before turning to the dictionary. I’m just starting to read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World for my Classics Club list. I’ve noticed so far that Huxley liked words. I’ve found quite a few interesting ones so far. Last night while I was flipping through it to find a couple of sentences for yesterday’s post I came across the following two words in the same sentence: brachycephalic and hypnopaedic. The context for the words was:

The Warden was a blond and brachycephalic Alpha-Minus, short, red, moon-faced, and broad-shouldered, with a loud booming voice, very well adapted to the utterance of hypnopaedic wisdom. (page 83)

I haven’t reached this part of the book yet, so I’m not sure who this Warden is or what part he plays in the story. But I did check the dictionary for the meaning of these words, so that when I get to this point I might actually know what they mean! Their meanings are as follows:

brachycephalic – (adjective) short-headed or broad-headed with a cephalic index of over 80.

hypnopaedic – (adjective) from the noun hypnopaedia, which is the instruction of a sleeping person especially by means of recorded lessons—called also sleep-learning, sleep-teaching

By the time I get to this point in the book I’ll probably have forgotten what these words mean, so I’ll end up back here to find out. What new words did you discover this week?

7 thoughts on “Wondrous Words Wednesday (Sept 11)

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  2. Welcome to WWW! Wow, those are some big words you chose! I hope you’ll remember them- I’m sure I won’t. I have some background in healthcare, so I tried to figure them out, but I needed your definitions to help. Thanks!

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