Booking Through Thursday – Choosing (June 6)

btt2This week Booking Through Thursday asks the following questions:

What makes you choose the books you read?
Genre? Reviews? Certain authors? Covers? Recommendations?

I don’t really have any system for choosing the books I read. It’s probably a combination of the things mentioned in the question. I’ll give most genres a try and sometimes I am swayed one way or the other by a review, although it depends who wrote the review as well. There are certain authors that I will always read, such as Rob Bell, Frank Viola, or J.K. Rowling. Occasionally a cover will draw me in, but not always. Some of my favourite books don’t have the most exciting covers. There are certain people who I will usually listen to if they recommend a book to me, but there are some who if they recommend a book then I’ll probably avoid it. I’ll name nobody in either case, so as not to cause embarrassment for them or me! Outside of all of this, sometimes it’s the length of time that I’ve left a book unread that will cause me to read it.


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