Booking Through Thursday – Spring Forward (March 7)

btt2This week Booking Through Thursday asks the following:

Clocks change this weekend here in the US, which means one less hour to read … does anybody else begrudge that hour like I do? Wish the Powers That Be would just pick a time-frame and stick to it instead of inflicting clock-driven jet lag on an innocent public twice a year?

(Yeah, so not a question so much about reading … except, of course, you do need to use your electric light to be able to read, so the hour it gets dark IS relevant!)

I won’t be begrudging that hour this year. Winter seems to have gone on forever this year and we are still getting more snow. The clocks going forward gives me hope that spring actually might be more than a rumour and could actually be on its way. I’m not worried about losing the hour, because I know I’ll get it back later in the year 🙂


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