Booking Through Thursday – Libraries (February 21)

btt2This week Booking Through Thursday asks the following:

How often do you visit a library? Do you go to borrow books? Do research? Check out the multi-media center? Hang out with the friendly and knowledgeable staff? Are you there out of love or out of need?

Our local library just re-opened in a temporary location at the start of this month after being closed since last June. Unfortunately the closure was due to tragic circumstances. The mall in which it was located had a roof collapse, in which two people died. That mall is now being demolished, with most of what was in the building (including all the library books) going into landfill, because of health concerns, due to the possibility of asbestos in the air, among other things. A new mall is being built on another site and the library will eventually relocate there.

I went with my two children to the temporary library a couple of weeks ago and, although there are less books at the moment, we were quite impressed. Most of the books are new and more current than those that were previously available. We’ll probably be frequent visitors and are looking forward to when the permanent location will be up and running, which probably won’t be until early 2014.

Up until the mall collapse, we were regular library visitors. Even though we have literally thousands of books in our house, we usually found something in the library to interest us. My daughter is a voracious reader and almost devours books, so the library helps supplement her reading as we just couldn’t afford to keep her in books. My son likes to borrow non-fiction books from the library and was very impressed at the new selection of up-to-date science books.

We used to borrow a lot of movies from the old library and are hoping that will be the case with the new location as well. There is a smaller selection at the moment, but I’m sure that will grow over time. They only charge a dollar for borrowing a movie and you get it for a couple of days.

The staff are always helpful and friendly, and they seem very happy to be open again.

I guess that we go to the library both out of love and out of need. Sometimes it gets us out of the house on a lousy day and we always find something there that interests us, so it’s never a wasted trip.


3 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday – Libraries (February 21)

  1. Sorry about your mall collapse and all the books having to be destroyed… But sounds like something good may have come from it as well. Getting rid of asbestos; and new fresh books to borrow 🙂

  2. I love the library! I have too many books at home but always find something else I MUST read after a trip to the library 🙂 horrible about the roof collapse but thank goodness they are opening a new one.

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