Saturday Snapshot – Plovdiv (February 16)

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I wasn’t able to take many pictures this week, because of a combination of weather and busyness. I spent today looking through some of the pictures on my computer and came across a lot of pictures I took on a trip to Bulgaria in 2007. One of the highlights of my trip was travelling through Plovdiv and being able to spend a few hours exploring some of the city. Plovdiv is a very old and historic city, as you can see from these pictures. I would have loved to have spent more time there, but our travel plans didn’t allow for that to happen. These pictures bring back some happy memories, though, of the short time I spent there.


5 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – Plovdiv (February 16)

    • I enjoyed the food when I was there, but since then I’ve gone vegetarian. Eating out was quite cheap compared with here and there seemed to be plenty of good fruit and veg markets. The salads were always great and fresh.

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