Booking Through Thursday – Resolved (January 3)

btt2This week’s Booking Through Thursday asks the following:

Any reading resolutions for the new year? Reading more? (Reading less?) Reading better books? Bigger books? More series? More relaxing books?

And hey, feel free to talk about any other resolutions you might have, too … or why you choose NOT to have any.

Last year, in my enthusiasm, I set up too many reading resolutions and failed to meet most of them. The only one I completed was my reading challenge at GoodReads. This year I am going easier on the challenges and have only signed up for two so far – the A-Z Challenge and, once more, the reading challenge at GoodReads. The A-Z is one where you try to read at least one book starting with each letter of the alphabet. I can just fill in this one as I go and haven’t chosen specific books for this. My GoodReads challenge is to read 75 books during the year. I managed 83 last year, so 75 should be achievable.

My Top Ten Tuesday post this week was a list of books that I resolve to read this year. Among them are a few books the I’ve left off reading for too long, including In the First Circle by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. I am also planning to read through the NLT translation of the One Year Bible.

As for other resolutions, I have set myself some personal goals, but I haven’t recorded them anywhere online. I think that resolutions are something that I don’t need to get into and often become obstacles to real personal growth and development. They might work for others, but not for me.

3 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday – Resolved (January 3)

    • I really like GoodReads for this and set my target at 75 for the year. I think the important thing is not to get too bogged down and to enjoy reading. Thanks for dropping by.

  1. I love to read and read regardless of resolutions or taking part in challenges, so like you, I don’t feel I need to make reading resolutions…however this year I’ve chalked out a few guidelines that I hope will help me get out of my comfort zone (crime & thrillers), and serve as a reminder when I slip back into my old ways – which lets face it – will happen sooner than later 😉

    Happy Reading in 2013 🙂

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