Reading Challenges – a different approach in 2013

Last year I signed up for too many reading challenges. I think I also signed up for the wrong ones and was too rigid with my choices. I ended up failing miserably and, at one point, came to the decision that I’d never sign up for any ever again. Well, not surprisingly, I have changed my mind a little. This year I won’t be so rigid in my choices and will not choose all my books ahead of time.

So far I have only signed up for the 2013 reading challenge at GoodReads, which was my only successful challenge last year, as I didn’t need to choose the books ahead of time. Last year my target was to read 52 books, which I easily surpassed, with my final total being 83 read for the year. This year my target is a manageable 75.

At this point I haven’t signed up for any more challenges, but there are a couple I am still contemplating. I want my reading to be fun, with a little bit of challenge thrown in as well, but I don’t want it to become so painful that I get no enjoyment from it.

In the next few days I’ll probably put a link up to any challenges I decide to do, but there definitely won’t be as many as last year.

EDIT – the LINK is now up.


4 thoughts on “Reading Challenges – a different approach in 2013

  1. I’ve signed for the Goodreads challenge at 75 books for the year, too, after passing my goal of 50 with room to spare. I hope that 2013 is a good one for you!

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