Booking Through Thursday – Thankful (November 22)

This week Booking Through Thursday says the following:

It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., so … what are you thankful for this year, reading-wise? New, favorite books? New gadget for reading? New comfy chair? Bonus time to read? Just the mere fact of BEING a reader? Having the internet to share ideas/recommendations/conversations about books?

Although we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada in October, I think it’s important to be thankful for something every day. Reading-wise, I’m thankful for the freedom that I have to read almost anything that I choose, compared to many countries where that choice is dictated to the citizens. I’m also thankful for a family who enjoy the gift of reading, and the fact that we have so many books in our house that we’ll never run out of anything to read. Finally, I’m thankful for the many bookish friends I’ve met online, most of whom I’ll probably never meet in person, but with whom I can also share my love of reading.

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