Musing Mondays (October 15)

Musing Mondays is a weekly book meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading. This week’s musing – courtesy of – asks…

Do you have a system as to which books to read from your “requested review pile?  What is it?  What about when there are too many to read in a certain time frame?

I don’t have a system, as such, but would probably benefit from being more organized in this respect. I try not to request too many books for review at the same time, so that I have enough time to do a book justice, especially when the publisher and the author are looking for some honest feedback. There has only been one occasion when I had too many to read in a certain time frame. One of them in particular was taking me too long as I just couldn’t get into it. In order to do the other, more interesting looking books, justice I just had to stop reading the book I was struggling with and admit in my review that I hadn’t been able to finish it and that the book wasn’t bad, but definitely wasn’t for me.


4 thoughts on “Musing Mondays (October 15)

  1. I don’t often receive review requests, and I have only accepted one because it didn’t have a “due date,” so the pressure’s off me!

  2. Since I read for fun and entertainment, I am very selective of the books I choose for requested reading. I also don’t like the stress of having to have a book read by a certain time. That is one of the reasons I started my own personal library so I’m not under a deadline to get a book read. I also love my local library, but don’t check out many books because again I have to read it by a certain date, I am retired and don’t like stress. ; )

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