Saturday Snapshot – the last days of Fall (October 13)

(Saturday Snapshot is brought to you by At Home With Books)

Last weekend pretty much signalled the end of the fall colours for our area for this year. Since then we’ve had a lot of frost, rain, and snow, all of which have precipitated the fall of the leaves. Most of our trees are looking pretty bare now, so I’m glad I took the opportunity last Sunday to snap some more of these pictures before it was too late.


9 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – the last days of Fall (October 13)

  1. Trees are turning colour here too, and there are lots of hips, haws and berries around, in varying shades of red and orange, but I don’t think we get the range of colours you do. No Snapshot from me this week, but I’m enjoying looking at everyone else’s.

  2. Colours are what we have for consolation as we move towards white. Am I being pessimistic, or realistic? Anyway, nice to discover a fellow Canuck sharing photos thru Saturday Snapshot.

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