Booking Through Thursday – Carry-Ons (September 27)

This week Booking Through Thursday asks the following:

Do you bring the book(s) you’re reading with you when you go out? How? Physically, or in an e-reader of some kind? Have your habits in this regard changed?

I always have two or three (or more) books on the go at any one time, so it’s easy to have something to take with me when I go out. At one time I always kept a book of short stories in the car for any time I found myself waiting for someone or when I was the passenger. I seem to have gotten out of that habit somehow. However, I rarely go anywhere without anything to read. Generally I grab one of my current reads and, depending on its size, either stuff it in my backpack or put it in my pocket. I feel naked without having some kind of reading material with me. If I’m going on a longer trip I take my Kobo with me. It is so handy and I laugh now when I think of long trips with about 8 or 9 books crammed into my backpack, although I still travel with one or two ‘real’ books no matter what the journey is. I don’t think my habits have changed that much over the years, other than e-books having made it easier to travel with more reading material than was previously possible.

7 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday – Carry-Ons (September 27)

    • I should really just call my backpack my book-bag, because other than pens/pencils and my camera it’s only books that are ever in there! Thanks for dropping by.

  1. I’ve just recently started getting short stories for my Kindle and thought about taking it with me even if my current read was a hard copy. That way I can get a few read while waiting for something.

    • I have a couple of good short story collections on my Kobo, too. They’re great for dipping in and out of when time is at a premium. Thanks for visiting.

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