Saturday Snapshot – Bilbo Baggins (September 22)

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The Hobbit

A picture of the first copy of The Hobbit that I owned, because today (22 September) is Bilbo Baggins’ birthday.


11 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – Bilbo Baggins (September 22)

    • We’ll probably go to see the movie, but I have a lot of reservations about it. Although I enjoyed Peter Jackson’s LOTR movies, I don’t think he represented Tolkien’s story very well with some of the things he did. So, I’m worried about what he is going to do with my favourite book. I want to be pleasantly surprised, though! I hope you and your husband enjoy it and thanks for dropping by.

    • Thanks. I can’t read this copy now as it is worn out and the pages are falling out, but I can’t part with it! Thanks for visiting.

  1. Smaug! I loved The Hobbit! It was the first big chapter book that I read aloud to my kids when they were elementary age … can’t wait for the movie to come out … and I am sooo glad that Jackson is splitting the book into two movies to ensure that it gets its due!

    • It’s actually going to be three movies now, with the third part in the summer of 2014. Hopefully he keeps to the story more faithfully than LOTR. Thanks for visiting.

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