Booking Through Thursday – Periodically (July 5)

This week Booking Through Thursday asks the following question:

So other than books … what periodicals do you read? Magazines? Newspapers? Newsletters? Journals? Do you subscribe? Or do you buy them on the newsstand when they look interesting?

I subscribe to a number of magazines:

  • mental_floss – described as the magazine where knowledge junkies get their fix. It’s a good diversion and I love trivia, which is plentiful in this magazine.
  • Vegetarian Times – I have been a vegetarian for over three years now and this is one of the best veggie magazines around. My dream is to take the time to try out more of the great recipes they publish. It also has a lot of helpful articles, which have helped me to make sure I eat properly.
  • Canada’s History – I was born in Scotland and moved to Canada 18 years ago. I have always enjoyed reading about history, so this one helps me learn more about my adopted country.
  • Relevant – this one is described as ‘the magazine on faith, culture and intentional living’. It has some great articles that are often thought-provoking. I’ve also discovered some good music, books, and movies through reading this one.

I don’t read any daily newspapers, but I get the local weekly newspaper, The Elliot Lake Standard, delivered. It’s not that great a paper, but it keeps me up to date with local news. My parents send me the weekly newspaper from where I grew up. It is called The Orcadian and is a lot better than the local one here. I still have plenty of family and friends there, so it’s great to catch up with all the news from Orkney each week.

Other than that, I’ll sometimes buy something interesting I see on the newsstand, especially when I’m travelling.


2 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday – Periodically (July 5)

  1. I didn’t get a chance to do the BTT, but I figured I’d stop by. I absolutely LOVE mental floss. My dad got a subscription for myself and my husband for christmas last year and I thought it was the most interesting magazine. =)

    • My kids gave me a subscription to mental floss for my birthday this year, because I kept buying it when I saw it, so they figured I’d save some money that way. I love it, too! Thanks for stopping by.

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