Bookmark Monday – Tuesday Edition (June 26)

Aloi over at guiltless reading has started a new Monday meme, Bookmark Monday, which is sharing a pic of a favourite bookmark. Due to the ongoing tragedy in our community of Elliot Lake, I just didn’t feel like posting anything. I came across the following bookmark, which is nothing special to look at, but it is from our local library which is permanently closed now with the tragedy at our mall. It will probably never be open again in its current location. If you are the praying kind, please stop and take a little time to think about and pray for our community. It has hit us hard as you can imagine and every time I look at this bookmark I realize how fortunate my family and I were as the next stop on our errands was taking books back to the library. We were across the road when it happened and are thankful that we had been delayed. When something like this happens it puts lots of things into perspective, that’s for sure.

Elliot Lake Library


6 thoughts on “Bookmark Monday – Tuesday Edition (June 26)

  1. I had no idea you were in or around Eliot Lake. I am in Hamilton, so another Ontarian here. I have been watching the progress and am praying. Glad the premier finally stepped in.
    Lovely bookmark.

    • Thanks, we are glad that he stepped in as well. It is a slow progress, but things are moving. Thanks for your prayers.

  2. Oh my goodness, I only just around to checking comments. William, I am so sorry for the horrible tragedy in your community. Thank goodness the premier has stepped up to the plate. My prayers go out to Elliott Lake – especially strength for the rescuers.

    • Thanks, much appreciated. I just got home from a day of handing out food and water to the people who are gathered by the mall. When I left some of the heavy machinery was starting to rip up the outside of the mall.

    • Thanks, it’s very much appreciated. We’re just hoping that we can have a quiet holiday weekend together with family and friends.

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