Bookmark Monday – LOTR (June 11)

Aloi over at guiltless reading has started a new Monday meme, Bookmark Monday, which is sharing a pic of a favourite bookmark.

We always seem to have loads of bookmarks around the house, so here’s my first offering:

Lord of the Rings


10 thoughts on “Bookmark Monday – LOTR (June 11)

    • They were a gift from my wife. She knows how big a Tolkien fan I am. The downside is that I tried the rings on and they don’t work!

  1. Nice fantasy pick! My current bookmark traveled all the way from Aruba in the purse of my mother’s walking partner. It moves when I turn it…sometimes it’s distracting.

    • That could be distracting. Quite often the bookmark that I’m using is a receipt or an envelope I found lying around. I should keep my bookmarks in a handier location.

      • I definitely use receipts, or my coworkers post it notes where they’ve crossed out their entire to-do list. Whatever scrap I can find, I usually use. It’s like an odd way of recycling.

  2. I swear I used to own that bookmark. I inevitably lose bookmarks, so it’s long gone by now. I can’t keep track of them to save my life. I am to bookmarks as the most people are to socks. 🙂

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