Saturday Snapshot – Bee and Roses (June 9)

(Saturday Snapshot is brought to you by At Home With Books)

With all the good weather lately some of our flowers have started to bloom. These roses grow along the outside of our carport. I took these pictures whilst BBQing some veggie burgers. The bees showed no interest in me, thankfully, and were definitely more interested in the flowers.

13 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – Bee and Roses (June 9)

  1. Just beautiful. I can only admire them from afar through photos like yours here. We won’t get flowers, oh maybe not till mid July, but roses are rare and precious… for I’m way up here above the 49th parallel. Thanks for giving me the chance to admire and be envious. 😉

  2. I just found out you’re a fellow Canuck. Where about are you that you’ve roses this time of the year? Must be B.C.? Here in Calgary, we’re having rain and high wind this weekend.

    • I’m actually in Elliot Lake, ON. We’ve had crazy hot weather this weekend. It was over 30 today and as I write at 10.30pm it is still in the mid 20s. Got the A/C cranked up!

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