Lent 2012 – Day 34: Quietness

Lent is almost over for this year and I realize that it has been a while since I wrote a Lent update.

On the whole I’m finding that the things I intended to do for Lent this year have been mostly achievable. I think my daily 12 hour fasting has been the easiest and there has been the added bonus of a few lost pounds. My daily exercise could be better, but I’m working on it. I read Brother Lawrence’s The Practice of the Presence of God and I’m managing to keep up with Bread and Wine.

The thing I am struggling the most with is sitting in silence for 15 minutes each day. It sounds so easy, but when I try to I get distracted so easily. I’m not sure why quietness is so hard to achieve, but the fact remains that, for me, it is. I’m not alone, though. In the past few weeks I’ve come across quite a number of people who have written about this struggle. In his book, The Sacred Way, Tony Jones shares the following:

It takes a while to enter into true silence, and it takes effort to find solitude, but it can be found…At first silence can be scary, lonely, oppressive. But in time, it turns into joy and peace.

That last part is where I’d like to be. I’m not there yet, but I’d like to think that’s where I’m headed. It is a discipline, but I think it is one really worth working at.


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