Booking Through Thursday – Best of 2011 (Dec 29)

This week Booking Through Thursday asked the following:

What were your favorite books of 2011?

I read quite a few good books this year, although a lot of what I read were ones I had to read for my studies. One bonus was rereading the Narnia and Lord of the Rings books for a course on the theology of Lewis and Tolkien. Other than that, my favourite five, in no particular order, were:

Although I fell short of my goal of reading 75 books in 2011 (I almost made it to 60), I still had an enjoyable year of reading. Roll on 2012!

8 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday – Best of 2011 (Dec 29)

  1. I have a really old version of Night and I have been wanting to read it forever. I just haven’t. And unlike everyone else in my area – my high school didn’t have it required in 10th grade. How did you like it? I have this feeling it’s going to get me googling obsessively about the Holocaust.

    • It is a harrowing book and hard to understand some of the things that happened. It may get you googling obsessively about the Holocaust, but it’s still worth reading.

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