Some changes


These are the two books I am working through just now. Both are challenging in their own way and for reasons of change.

‘Vegetarian Cooking for Dummies’ is being read because on Wednesday I will be starting a meatless diet. For some people who know me that may be a hard one to swallow, but it is something I have been seriously considering for some time now. The main reasons are for health and well-being, but  there are also some ethical and environmental reasons for this choice. It was initially only going to be for the period of Lent, which commences on Wednesday, but I’m now moving towards the probability that it will be permanent. It’s a personal thing, so I’m not urging the rest of the family to join me on this particular journey. Also, if you do come and visit us in Elliot Lake, there will still be meat on the menu if you so choose.

‘Pagan Christianity?’ is challenging in the sense that it questions everything that the Christian church does and the origins of these practices. The present group of Christians that we lead/meet with only have five more Sundays in our present location – we close down the old on Sunday 29 March. We had hoped that the first Sunday in our new location would be 12 April (Easter), but that might not happen, due to some hold-ups with material/construction. Nevertheless we will still close down the old on 29 March. We are endeavouring to move towards a more Organic model of church and ‘Pagan Christianity?’ is helping to work out what some of that means.

It’s been a long journey so far, but exciting changes and challenges lie ahead. All prayers would be greatly appreciated!

5 thoughts on “Some changes

  1. Hey William, hope you guys are keeping well. Pagan Christianity will definitely throw your head & heart into a bit of a spin. The sequel to that book Reimagining Church is good also. Whether you agree with the guy or not, he’ll certainly make anyone think & question some of the things the church holds dear.

  2. Hi Steve, we’re doing well, thanks. How’s it going with you guys? I’ll check out the sequel soon. This one is certainly challenging a lot of things, but in a good way, too. Probably reading it at the right time with all that’s going on just now. Just working my way slowly through it so that I don’t miss anything.

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